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3 Cash Strategies in Crypto Up to 10,000%

The development of cryptocurrencies has become increasingly popular and has increased rapidly since mid-2020, continuing the rally until early 2022, and it is even predicted that it will continue to increase by 3x by 2024. Data shows that currently there are 3.9% or around 300 million people in the world who are crypto users.

Data from CNBC also shows that 83% of the world’s young billionaires own crypto and 50% of their wealth comes from cryptocurrencies, and the majority will continue to add to their crypto assets this year. So, what exactly is the way to be financially successful through crypto, even profit up to 10,000% or 100x the capital?

This is a way to achieve 100x profits through 3 strategies called NN100 which stands for Newton Next 100. The strategy summarized by Noel Newton from analyzing the strategy of the world’s young billionaires through crypto, and used by the community in Indonesia, GGWP Clan.

This strategy has succeeded in scoring 15x, 30x, up to 100x profits in several projects. The following is the content of the NN100 strategy.

1. Search Gold Project

There are more than 6000 crypto projects in circulation in 2021. Every day, new projects are popping up. Of course, it is not easy to determine which project will become a golden project or a gold project, unless the project is already in the top 100. However, projects that are already in the top 100 have a stronger security element, with the potential for a 100-1000% increase in market capitalization. This is related to the growing trend and function of these crypto projects, ranging from Blockchain, Defi, NFT, Gamefi, to Metaverse.

To get a profit opportunity of up to 10,000% all you need to do is become a project with a low market cap. Simply put, if the market cap is still at 1 million dollars, then an increase to 100 million dollars has given a 100x profit.

The way to find a gold project, is to analyze the project starting from the team involved, audits, functions offered, progress, to trends related to the project. Because if the project offers a solution but it is not relevant, or has not become a necessity, then the project will wait a long time to grow. For example, when the trend is in favor of the metaverse, the project being analyzed talks about tourism.

2. People Matters

Know the people involved in this project, on average we are used to seeing who the developers are, in this strategy we can see 4 categories of people or groups involved, namely: Investors, Developers, Supporting Team, and Holders.

Each has an important role in the growth of crypto projects. Investors are people or institutions that participate in funding the project. Developers are developers who are one of the main factors determining the success and development of crypto projects. A visionary and open-minded developer will have an important role in the success of the project.

Supporting Teams are people or groups that support developers to succeed, for example crypto influencers, crypto communities, community managers to community moderators. Holder is the person who invests in the project. Holders have a variety of characteristics and holders who share the same culture will gather with holders of equal value. So the holder is an important key in the success of a crypto project.

3. Patience, Trust, Progress

The crypto world is a world that is difficult to predict because every day there is something new and has high volatility. Therefore, patience and trust in projects are important aspects of success that support our technical reading skills. Especially in going through phases such as bear market, sideways, news, trend, to bull market.

Warren Buffet once said that the stock market is a tool to move money from impatient people to patient people. It is also relevant in the crypto world, the difference is that the trust factor is an aspect that is also needed.

Since the stock market has a basis for financial statements and companies themselves, cryptocurrencies are based on project functionality and future potential.

Without trust, it is impossible for us to achieve profits up to 100x without luck.

There are several lucky ways used by holders, namely buying many projects in large quantities with small quantities and letting them go. We will cover this strategy in a different material.

The foundation of patience and trust is also related to the time spent following the progress of crypto project development.

Everyone can provide the best vision, but to achieve big goals there are milestones that need to be crossed. This milestone or step is a progress that can be calculated whether this project can achieve growth potential of up to 100x.

Each strategy certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the best strategy is one that has been implemented and worked.

Currently, the NN100 strategy is still in the testing phase with a total target of 10 crypto projects. This strategy is not the only best strategy, but it is quite simple to apply in investing in the crypto world. Good luck!

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NN93 is the founder and leader of the GGWP CLAN, a crypto community that focuses on developing crypto start-ups as a support system for crypto developers. Currently GGWP CLAN has collaborated with projects with teams from America, England, Italy, India, and Indonesia.

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