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3 Things Will Be Happen If Everyone In The World Used Crypto

According to triple A in 2021, the population using crypto will be 300 million or 3.9% of the world’s population of 7.8 billion based on data from statistictimes. This adoption looks very small, but the growth of crypto itself looks pretty good.

From January 2021 to the end of December 2021, the number of users almost tripled from 106 million users to 295 million users.

If you look at the growth figures in 2021 and run consistently then there is a possibility that in 2024 everyone in the world will be using crypto.

Then, what if the whole world uses cryptocurrencies?

1. Conventional Banks Replaced by Modern Banks

Banks as we know them today, have existed since 500 years ago and continue to develop into a liaison between the population and the central bank of a country.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have become a revolution in finance which allows users to not need the interface functions that modern banks currently have and also the use of paper money.

So today’s modern banks will transform to follow changes with regulations that will be owned by CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

This change will have a major impact on a country’s economy, but it is a change that cannot be stopped.

Modern banks will provide digital currency in the form of crypto for the population, so that they have the potential to create their own crypto currency, this is the beginning of the birth of Crypto Bank.

Modern banks that cannot keep up with change will disappear in the next 10 years.

2. Big Changes in Career and Business Opportunities

Pandemics are clear evidence that culture can change very quickly. The existence of a pandemic has made many things done online, from interacting, to school, to work.

In a study in America, showing that after the pandemic, 51% of people chose to work online.

The magnitude of the unilateral termination of employment from the company also occurred to save the company’s operations, resulting in an increase in entrepreneurship for people who lost their jobs to continue to earn.

One significant improvement is in online F&B in Indonesia.

Total in March 2020, there were around 3000 brands in Greater Jakarta who did business online and in December 2021, data showed significant growth of F&B entrepreneurs to 15,000 brands in Greater Jakarta and surrounding areas alone.

The same thing will happen when online business opportunities enter saturation time, which will then open up new opportunities again. This is where blockchain technology can be a lucrative opportunity.

Metaverse and cryptocurrencies have become a major concern for large companies that are now starting to expand their business in the blockchain world.

Here are some companies that continue to actively develop in the metaverse, crypto currency, and blockchain, namely Facebook, Microsoft, Disney, Hulu, Bank of America, Nike, Adidas, Mastercard, Epic Games, to Google.

Several domestic projects are also under development such as Sekuya Multiverse, Kunci Coin, as well as projects from Binance,

The largest cryptocurrency exchange institution in the world is in discussion with MDI Ventures Telkom to create a new crypto exchange in Indonesia.

WIR Group, one of the largest AR VR companies in Southeast Asia from Indonesia, is also in the process of working on Metaverse Indonesia which will be displayed at the upcoming G20.

The company has entered into MoUs with various companies in Indonesia, such as Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI, Jakarta Fashion Week, Bali Airport, Trinity Land, and various other companies and institutions, currently preparing a metaverse within Metaverse Indonesia.

3. The Birth of New Social Media

People in the world today use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, WhatsApp.

It turns out that currently many companies are developing new technologies as communication media using blockchain technology, web3, and cryptocurrencies.

Apart from the metaverse that will become the home or new social media, there will also be a replacement for the current social media, which allows users to have high privacy and flexibility.

Users will be able to directly transact NFT or transfer funds through daily social media.

These are the 3 big things that will happen when cryptocurrencies are mass-adopted.

There are still many other changes that will occur, such as work culture, people’s lifestyles, mental health, to the most basic things such as people’s mindsets.

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NN93 is the founder and leader of the GGWP CLAN, a crypto community that focuses on developing crypto start-ups as a support system for crypto developers. Currently GGWP CLAN has collaborated with projects with teams from America, England, Italy, India, and Indonesia. NN93 together with GGWP CLAN also developed a metaverse project with a global target market, namely Sekuya Multiverse.

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