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4 Habits That Will Change Because of the Metaverse

Metaverse has been a hot topic of conversation since late October 2020, when Facebook rebranded itself to Meta and focused on building a digital world, namely Metaverse. Even the search terms Metaverse have increased by 1500% since the change in direction of this company owned by Mark Zuckerburg.

The beginning of 2022 begins with various institutional developments that begin to carry out digital transformation. Nike and Samsung are building their metaverse and virtual store in Decentraland. Meanwhile, Adidas collaborated with Bored Ape, Coinbase, and bought a plot of land in the Sandbox. Other major institutions such as Disney, Square Enix, Walmart, chose to develop their own digital currency and metaverse.

Other crypto startups are also competing to create a metaverse that can meet the needs of a wider market segment, such as Luniverse, which uses the theme of the happiest and safest metaverse for families which has now attracted the attention of various large institutional investors.

Looking at Bill Gates’ statement projecting that 2024, the metaverse will change people’s habits, not only in the world of work. What do you think will change with the presence of the metaverse?

1. Work Culture

Unknowingly we have entered year 2 of the pandemic, and we are used to working remotely or conducting online meetings. One survey shows that more than 51% of employees in America choose to work online, so they can have freedom and stay productive.

Metaverse will bring us more familiar with the culture of working online, meeting colleagues, bosses, clients, in the digital world from anywhere. There are still many changes in work culture that may be seen as the metaverse develops.

2. New Jobs and Business Opportunities

There will be many new jobs in the metaverse that previously existed and were adapted or not yet, to meet the needs of the metaverse. Things that already exist and are adapted such as: meta fashion designer, meta architect, meta graphic design, meta singer, to meta land consultant. Things that didn’t exist before such as: rocket designers, creators of new materials, to builders of new islands. The opportunities are endless because what can’t be done in the real world can be realized in the metaverse.

3. The duration of staring at the digital screen

The recommended standard for staring at a digital screen is 2-4 hours a day. Working in the office and social media influencers have a longer duration of staring at digital screens at 4-7 hours in one day. The pandemic helped increase the duration of use by up to 8-12 hours in one day. Imagine what happens with a more interactive and fun metaverse, the possibility of staring will be longer.

This is still a matter of controversy because of the many negative effects of staring at a screen for a long time on the body, and the latest innovations will support the increasing use of digital screens. What can be done is to have time management and take a break every 30 minutes – once an hour, interspersed with light physical exercise activities.

4. Social Relations

The advantage of interacting in the digital world or the metaverse is that we can bring out different characters or be more ourselves, when we meet each other, in general we will use an “introduction mask” and show what is good, there are also social norms that apply regarding karma, or social status and status of authority that governs our behavior in the real world. The metaverse world can change all that, young and old generations can become friends, discuss equally, and even bring out their best potential.

The obstacle that may occur is that when we return to the real world, the real world can seem like a second world, and the metaverse becomes our first world.

These are 4 changes that can occur through a metaverse. Which one do you think will happen first? If you have the opportunity to read this article, this is an opportunity to prepare in advance for the changes that may occur in 2024.

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